Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One bathroom down, lots more tiles to go!

The back bathroom has been finished and it looks fantastic. The ceiling guy also started today and the airconditioner goes in tomorrow. The carpenter has completely fitted the doorjambs in the wet areas and hopefully lock up is not too far off.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plasterer and Tiler

The plasterers finished this week and the tiler started. He has only done part of the back bathroom and says he has started a bit earlier than usual (ie; the ceilings aren't on yet) because he has had a spare few days. The first day he started we walked in about 2 hours into his work and saw him putting up the red mosaic, only he was about to put it in the wrong spot. Originally we only wanted it in the shower cubicle corner, but he was putting it next to the shower cubicle, behind the toilet! He reckoned we had ordered enough tiles to do the entire wall so we told him to go for it!! We get a phone call the next day telling us he needs more of the red mosaic tiles as he seems to have run out!!! Looks like we only had enough for the shower cubicle after all and had to go and buy some more for the rest of the wall. Oh well, we think it has turned out brilliantly!

Friday, May 02, 2008

More progress

There has been a little more progress in the past few days. Mainly because the plasterers actually turned up to work!!! They are probably about half way through. Our tiler also started and has finished the floor in the outside toilet. They look fantastic so we are really pleased. The bluestone has been finished and hopefully the ceiling guy will start next week.