Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And then there were more bricks

8 days of hard work and here is the result. Only one issue so far, apparantely the door jams for the internal doors are too narrow and we need to get them remade. main problem is that we have already bought them and they have been delivered!! we told the door guy we were building double brick but it seems he thought the brick veneer jams would fit anyway. bugger! oh well, we are trying to sort it over the next couple of days. lucky the brickie (aka joe pesci) happened to look at them a few weeks earlier than he needed to!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More Bricks

More photos from the last two days of bricking. They have been really busy and if all goes well should be done in 4 weeks. Now some of the internal walls are going up, it is easier to see how big (or small) some of the rooms are. There are a few rooms that look quite small, not sure if this is while the bricks are only at 6 foot and the rooms will look bigger as the walls get higher! or is that wishful thinking! Not sure if they are going to work on Saturdays, fingers crossed. Lots of things are happening all at once, the cabinet maker is starting and the electrician has been working out how all the cables will come together in the hallway cupboard.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How's this for workmanship?!

A nerdy close up of the finish of the face bricks. Will look even better once it is cleaned up, but it is really meticulous work so far. On the face bricks that is! The internal bricks which will be plastered seems to be a bit more fun for them!! Bit more mess on those!

Another visit to the block today revealed quite a bit of progress on the bricks. They seem to be bricking up to about 7 foot all the way around and after that I guess they will get the scaffolding in to brick up to 10 foot. The brickie has picked up a few things on the plan that he has asked if we would like changed. For example, moving the location of the decorative pillars in the hallway as they have been drawn too close to a door. They have done the ensuite niche which I think probably should have been one brick longer as it looks a bit tall and narrow. Oh well, we'll see how it all pans out.

First Bricks

The brickies started on Monday, just in time for the rain to start. so first real day at it was probably Tuesday. This morning we caught up with the brickies to view their progress and answer some questions they had for us. We added in a niche in the ensuite shower to put shampoo etc into, although the brickie thought this was funny! No real issues so far; the gap for the door from the garage has been made too small to fit the door we have, so they have agreed to cut the bricks back to allow the 870 door. Otherwise, their workmanship is fantastic. They are hardworking and polite and more than happy to accommodate any changes. Some photos covering the last couple of days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

getting ready for the brickies

After a long (impatient) wait, the brickies are due to start on Thursday and guess what, Frank and I won't even be here for the laying of the first bricks. Murphy's Law!

we have been getting everything ready in preparation for the bricklayers including trying to get all the bricks delivered and dropped on the right spot as well as getting the tradies toilet up and running. Only our house would actually have a proper porcelein toilet plumbed into the mains water and sewer that flushes etc like a normal toilet instead of a portaloo!! some people have asked if we plan on keeping it after the house is finished, but given the angle it is on and the fact it is in the front left corner of the block, we don't think so!! more pictures to follow as the bricklayers get to work. Until then, off to Melbourne for a well deserved break!!