Tuesday, October 16, 2007

getting ready for the brickies

After a long (impatient) wait, the brickies are due to start on Thursday and guess what, Frank and I won't even be here for the laying of the first bricks. Murphy's Law!

we have been getting everything ready in preparation for the bricklayers including trying to get all the bricks delivered and dropped on the right spot as well as getting the tradies toilet up and running. Only our house would actually have a proper porcelein toilet plumbed into the mains water and sewer that flushes etc like a normal toilet instead of a portaloo!! some people have asked if we plan on keeping it after the house is finished, but given the angle it is on and the fact it is in the front left corner of the block, we don't think so!! more pictures to follow as the bricklayers get to work. Until then, off to Melbourne for a well deserved break!!

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