Friday, October 26, 2007

More Bricks

More photos from the last two days of bricking. They have been really busy and if all goes well should be done in 4 weeks. Now some of the internal walls are going up, it is easier to see how big (or small) some of the rooms are. There are a few rooms that look quite small, not sure if this is while the bricks are only at 6 foot and the rooms will look bigger as the walls get higher! or is that wishful thinking! Not sure if they are going to work on Saturdays, fingers crossed. Lots of things are happening all at once, the cabinet maker is starting and the electrician has been working out how all the cables will come together in the hallway cupboard.

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pete said...

hi guys, first viewing of your site & I see you're enjoying yourselves.
Took the easy route though, knock it down & start again. Ours just requires constant plastering over the cracks!