Friday, August 10, 2007

Ready to Pour

Today they finished all of the termite protection and the laying of the steel. There has been some issue with the engineers' final sign off, something about the width of the steel which I think has now been sorted. The council come to sign off on everything tomorrow so the plan is to do the first pour on Monday (into the trenches) and then the second pour (100mm) on top of the whole thing! that's a lot of concrete. Then comes the 4 weeks wait. All in all, the foundation process has required more time and effort and has yielded more soil and stress than first thought. I guess it has to be done properly though. Frank's dad (who is in demolition) said he pities the poor fella who tries to demolish this house in 100 years! They will get one hell of a shock when they dig down and find 1.6m footings!

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