Sunday, July 13, 2008

The latest

The timber floors have started to go in after a few dramas with one of our tradies!! We had to go and track down another carpenter because our carpenter refused to work with second hand timber! We have used second hand oak, it is a beautiful browny-red that will continue to darken over time. The boards need cleaning and preparing before they go down and we also nailed some of the boards down on the weekend to save us money. The floor should be done in a couple of days. in the meantime, the cabinet maker has started bringing some of the cupboards to the house. he has filled one of the bedrooms with our cupboards and thinks that is only just 1/4 of the total!! I still need to finalise the design of our walk-in robe. The tiler has also finished all of the floor tiling and is ready to go with the wall tiles. Given we are tiling all 3 bathrooms and the laundry to the 10 foot ceilings, this is a big job!

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