Monday, September 08, 2008

Some colours!

The painters are more than 1/2 way through. We love the wall colour (wattyl Ermine White) that flows through the house. not 100% sure about the bedroom feature (browny colour), but love the dining room feature (red). They have done a great job so far and have been really accommodating of our (read my) changes of mind by painting just a little bit of the cornice, waiting for us to see it and then doing the rest or changing it. The electrician has started to put the powerpoints in and the cabinet maker has put the benchtops in the bathrooms. We have bought pretty much all the lights and have narrowed down the carpets. The belly keeps growing but we should be well and truly in by then!

The dining room feature colour

The blue cornices through the hallways

The greyish - browny colour in the master bedroom ; also continued through cornice

the double vanity in the ensuite is finished. basins, taps and light to go in soon!

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