Sunday, October 05, 2008

Plumbing & Electricity

More progress this week gives us running water and electricity. Nearly all of the lights are in, and the toilets flush (but have giant OUT OF ORDER signs so the tradies continue to use the outback dunny instead - we want to christen our own toilet!. We finally chose the granite and have booked the shower screens, mirrors and kitchen benchtop to go in. The plumber found that one of the taps that we bought (on his request) over 12 months ago has water coming out of not only the spout but also half way along the spout shaft. So we will try and return it but our chances might be slim given how long ago we bought it! The floorboard guy started today (yes, on a public holiday!) so we can't wait to see what colour the floorboards turn out. Here are some of the latest pics

The living room lights; look a little small!

The pantry shelves

The powder room sink, tap and light. don't think we will need a baby bath!

The hallway lighting in

The facade all painted; now just need to chose verandah tile pattern

Ensuite vanities, taps and lights in

The entrance hall painting and light. Feels a bit French!

The dining room light; love it!

The smaller hallway lights

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

Progress looks amazing!!! Some general feedback;
* 2 sinks in the ensuite - excellent choice
* Helen's shoe space - could be larger
* The colour bits on the top skirting boards look fabulous
* Are we in bedroom 2 or 3??
* If we lived in Ades we would have snuk around and shat in your loo even with the "Out of Order " sign displayed...

Cheers from Aleks and Stuart