Monday, December 08, 2008

We are in!

It has been a long time between posts but we are finally in. We moved about 5 weeks ago and have spent most of that time chasing up tradies or organising extra things for the house. Helen also started maternity leave which has given us more time to argue with annoying tradesmen! With the baby 1 week or so off, nearly everything has been finished. The main outstanding thing is that the curtains won't be here until middle of January which means sheets and garbage bags are our only form of privacy!! Otherwise, we are pretty happy with how things have come together overall. Probably the funniest story is when we had the footings dug for our front fence. They said they would come about 0830. At 0615 we hear a couple of voices out the front and two random fellas are standing at the front of our place smoking cigarettes, ready to start digging. They ask for a couple of shovels and get started! At 0930 there's a knock at the door. tradie: "darling, you had better call the gas company and get them to come around, we've cut the gas line. tell them it's an emergency". me: "is it an emergency?" tradie: "just tell them it's an emergency" so while i am on the phone to the gas people, there's another knock on the door tradie: "while you are on the phone can you call the water people, we've cut the water pipe" me: " are you kidding" tradie: "just call them too" so about 2 hours later, with no water to drink (on a 30 degree day) and no gas for shower i go outside to check up on them. as i go outside, the digger guy suddenly stops digging and points down towards the hole. Seems he has dug straight through our sewerage pipe. So there I am, 37 weeks pregnant, no water, can't go to the toilet and had to call our (very unhappy ) plumber to come past and fix our sewerage. I have to say that all the services were fairly promptly restored by about 2pm but i still had to drive to my parents house to use their toilet and have a drink!! all fun and games and hopefully the last big saga of the build! Here are some pics of the house and of the ever growing belly!

The splashback

The breakfast bar

The splashback

Breakfast bar

Main bathroom

Bed 2


Study / Nursery

My side of WIR


Pouring fence footings

My belly at 38 weeks

Putting the belly to good use!

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kexkez said...

beautiful red splash back. hmm new baby msut be keeping you busy. Hope all is well.