Monday, July 16, 2007

First (?of many) setbacks

Unfortunately our plumber is living the high life and is going skiing right when we need him (just our luck). This puts things back by one week. I am guessing this is the start of what it is like to be owner builder! This means he is ready to go on 30th July so we should be able to lay the slab right after that. That means the countdown is still on but is slightly extended!!

just wish we could go skiing! maybe in 30 years time when we have got over the stress of building.

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cat said...

Hi Guys

Wow, this certainly is alot of work! Love the website as am very nosey and like to keep an eye on things!!!

You forgot to put baby nursery in the plans! doh!

What is the estimated due date...ooppps, I mean completion date!?

Lots of love

Cat xxx