Friday, July 13, 2007

Call off the cement boots (for now)

We met with the concreter tonight (he is over his mystery illness) who was a real character. We managed to negotiate a little with him to make the price reasonably outrageous rather than just plain outrageous (note to self; change careers). He said he can start Monday 23rd July with the job being completed within 1 week (we plan on holding him to that) weather permitting of course. it is starting to feel a little more real now that we are talking specific days rather than 'sometime soon'.

Following laying of the slab we need to let it cure for 4 weeks to prevent cracking. This length of time is also necessary because we are building double brick. I guess that gives us 4 weeks to get everything else organised and coordinated for delivery.

it is getting much more exciting now, imagine how i will be when there is actually movement at the station!

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