Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tile Selection

We managed to finalise our tile selections and will order them next week so that they do not run out of stock meaning we would have to choose them all over again. We have gone for pretty simple and neutral colours for a couple of reasons;

  1. we don't know what we are doing

  2. we have no idea what we are doing

  3. everyone says stay neutral

We think the results are pretty trendy but not overkill. We are tiling all the way up to the 3 metre ceilings so there are a lot of tiles! Luckily the tiler is Frank's cousin so he can't complain too much about the work involved. It's all getting a bit more exciting.

the bathrooms will generally be the same except for the coloured features;
solid grey; floor
white; walls
striped grey; small wall / toilet separator wall

a) ensuite; grey / purple striped tile

b) main bathroom / powder room; grey glass mosaic

c) outside bathroom; red glass mosaic

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