Monday, July 16, 2007

The Lights

The end of the financial year saw a lot of sales. Frank and I decided to capitalise on these by buying everything we will ever need for the house many, many months before it is finished! (well, we need to get excited about some house stuff!). anyway, a quick trip to the light factory which was closing down turned into a purchasing extravaganza.
we managed to buy many of the light fittings for the house, except the downlights and the hallway lights. it was a pretty arduous task but quite worthwhile. many things were (supposedly) on sale, with extortionate prices on the tags crossed out and replaced with less extortionate prices so that you think you have a bargain.
on paying for everything at the end, I decided we really should get more for our money and asked for a further discount. the chap said that his lights were already heavily discounted and that he could do no better. On providing a little bit of pressure the main acknowledged that he could probably give us a few globes to sweeten the deal. He then presented us with a shopping bag full of 50 light globes (unfortunately not the environmentally friendly ones).
so, just to recap;
expensive block of land; check
bore water; check
light globes; check
house: uhh,

now all we need is a house, wiring and electricity. no worries

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